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VMUG's online virtual event will deliver a highly interactive, 3-D virtual environment with live video-streaming keynote and breakout sessions with speaker Q&A, on-demand breakout sessions, and interactive partner exhibits within the show floor. And the best part is this event is virtual so you can experience it all from anywhere – you don't even have to leave your home or office!

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the latest in the Cloud and take a deep-dive into DevOps. Plus, we will assemble an entire crew of VMware experts who are ready to share their knowledge to help you succeed!

Highlights the March VMUG Virtual Event has to offer:

- Breakout sessions with live Q&A

- Online chat capabilities with VMware experts and VMUG leaders

- Access to exhibitors' virtual booths

- Downloadable resources

- Fantastic prizes and much more!


Title: Kubernetes and Open Source - What Do They Mean for IT?

Abstract: The transformation of IT through open source has been an ongoing process for literally decades. Many layers of the enterprise software stack have seen an influx of open source technologies, from Linux as OS to Spring/Java as application platform to more recently Kubernetes as the orchestration engine. Craig and Dirk will discuss a bit of the history and motivation of these changes and focus on the impact this has and will continue to have on the IT environments that our customers are building, running, and managing.

Craig McLuckie - Vice President of Products, VMware

Craig McLuckie is the VP of Products for VMware’s Modern Application Platforms business unit. Craig arrived at VMware via the acquisition of Heptio, a leader in the cloud native market and a company that he co-founded and led as CEO. Previously, Craig spent time in senior positions at Microsoft and Google; at the latter he made significant contributions to Google Compute Engine and Kubernetes. Craig also co-founded the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Dirk Hohndel - VP, Chief Open Source Officer, VMware

Dirk is VMware’s Chief Open Source Officer, leading the company’s Open Source Program Office, directing the efforts and strategy around use of and contribution to open source projects and driving common values and processes across the company for VMware’s interaction with the open source communities. Before joining VMware, Dirk worked (among other roles) as Intel’s Chief Linux and Open Source Technologist, as Chief Technology Officer of SuSE, and Unix Architect of Deutsche Bank. Dirk has been an active developer and contributor in several dozen open source projects since the early 1990s. He currently is a member of the Board of the Linux Foundation. Dirk holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Würzburg, Germany. He lives in Portland, OR.


All Day



HOL-2030-01-CNA - Containers 101 with Photon OS, VMware's Container-Optimized OS

Use Project Photon OS, the VMware container-optimized operating system, to deploy a classic three-tier application. Explore more advanced topics, such as multi-component deployment and container networking.

HOL-2031-01-CNA - VMware Enterprise PKS - Turnkey Kubernetes for the Enterprise - Getting Started

Build, deploy, and manage container-based applications with Kubernetes running on VMware vSphere. Also learn how to operationalize production Kubernetes using VMware Enterprise PKS.

HOL-2032-01-CNA - Tech Preview: VMware Tanzu Mission Control

Tanzu Mission Control provides a single control point for teams to more easily manage Kubernetes and operate modern, containerized applications across multiple clouds and clusters. Tanzu Mission Control codifies the know-how of operating Kubernetes—including deploying and upgrading clusters, setting policies and configurations, understanding the health of clusters and the root cause of underlying issues, and creating a map from the “people structure” to the infrastructure.

In this lab you will be exposed to various aspects of VMware's Tanzu Mission Control including Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management, health checks, environment at a glance monitoring, access policies, and conformance testing.

HOL-2033-01-CNA - Managing and Extending Kubernetes - Getting Started

Get up and running with Kubernetes using open source tools Kubeadm, Contour, Velero, and Sonobuoy. Explore Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management with Kubeadm, Contour as an ingress controller for Kubernetes, Velero to backup and migrate your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes, and Sonobuoy to understand the state of your Kubernetes clusters by running a choice of configuration tests.


VMware SimuLive Sessions

Meet VMware Tanzu: Changing the Way You Think About Kubernetes

Joe Mann
Staff Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware

Kubernetes has become one of the biggest hot button topics in the IT landscape over the last couple of years. One of the biggest hurdles to adopting a Kubernetes strategy for infrastucture teams is how to consistently deploy and manage this 'new' infrastructure for all of their users who are requesting clusters or access to clusters. VMware has taken notice and focused a lot of attention on giving VI admins the tools needed to manage and deploy Kubernetes infrastructure while also providing tooling that makes it easier for developers to request and interact with their Kubernetes clusters using their own native tooling. In this session, I will give an overview of the VMware Tanzu portfolio, including Tanzu Mission Control and Project Pacific. This session will include a live demo of Tanzu Mission Control, showcasing the ability to manage Kubernetes infrastructure no matter what platform the clusters are deployed on. This sesssion will also include a live demo and architectural overview of Project Pacific, which brings Kubernetes cluster management directly into the vSphere world. With Project Pacific, VMware is re-architecting vSphere to deeply integrate and embed Kubernetes. This allows VI admins to use familiar vSphere tooling to deploy and manage Kubernetes workloads while develops can now use native Kubernetes constructs to provision workloads to vSphere directly! Join us in our session to learn more about how VMware Tanzu is empowering customers to build, run, and manage modern applications!



Kubernetes for the VI Admin - New for 2020!

Kendrick Coleman
Sr. Technical Product Line Manager, VMware

In 2019, we learned some introductory Kubernetes concepts as well as building Kubernetes the hard way. In 2020, we're turning it up to 11! Getting Kubernetes clusters up and running on vSphere has never been easier. In this introductory level session, we will examine some of the key Kubernetes infrastructure components and map them back to our vSphere infrastructure. Then we will look at all the new tooling that is making rolling out Kubernetes clusters on vSphere as simple as a few commands. It's turtles all the way down. After this session, you will be able to get Kubernetes up and running within just a few minutes!



VMware Carbon Black: Introduction to Intrinsic Security

David Balcar
Security Strategist, VMware

There has never been a more challenging or exciting time in security. Sophistication of attackers, security threats, breaches and exploits are becoming more prevalent with no end in sight. With the adoption of cloud, new applications, mobile digital workspace, IoT, compute and data at the edge, the problem is only getting harder to solve. But this also represents an opportunity for a new approach.

Join this session and learn how VMware is re-defining the security market with intrinsic security so that you can secure “any device, any application, any cloud” at any time.



NSX Cloud: A VMware User Guide to Consistently Extend NSX to AWS and Azure

Hadi Nejatian
Partner Solutions Architect, VMware

In this session, we will describe to our community members on how VMware NSX Cloud can more securely extend VMware NSX-T into AWS and Azure, providing a single pane of glass for policy-based networking and security consistency across their hybrid cloud. We will explain how to get started quickly with NSX Cloud to manage workloads in native AWS and Azure. We will discuss key features, common customer configuration scenarios and use cases, and deployment options in our demo.



Deep Dive with Integrating VMware Cloud on AWS with Native AWS Services

Samir Kadoo
Partner Solution Architect, VMware

Technical session to help attendees understand the various types ofnative AWS integrations available for one's workloads in VMC on AWSand to guide them through architectures and examples. Being that VMCon AWS already resides in AWS, many users tend to not know whichAWS services are available to use with their VM's, how to architect theirSDDC to communicate with various AWS native services, ways tooptimize their workloads by mixing and matching various native AWSservices with the applications that reside in their SDDC, etc.



Building Your Cloud in Next Gen vRealize Automation

Kim Delgado
Customer Success Architect, VMware

VMware vRealize Automation 8 and Cloud are comprised of three new service offerings which together make up the next generation of VMware's automation tools. Managing clouds is complex on its own, but when you factor in public and private cloud, multiple geographic regions and application delivery, that complexity grows exponentially. This complexity risks creating silos of knowledge focused on individual cloud skillsets for both public and private environments. This means leveraging a tool that makes clouds invisible and abstracts their configuration is critical to the success of your cloud strategy. Join this interactive, demo-focused session to learn more about vRealize Automation 8 and Cloud where you will learn how to design a cloud that will not only solve infrastructure problems, but will also be easily consumable by your developers.




All Things You Need to Know about Tanzu 

Simone Morellato
Director Technical Product Management, VMware

Simone Morellato is currently a Director of Technical Product Management at VMware where he leads technical product management and marketing efforts for the company’s CloudNative Applications business unit. Simone has more than 16 years of experience in storage, networking and infrastructure for both traditional and cloud applications. Before joining VMware, Simone worked at Apcera, a container management platform, acquired by Ericsson. He has also held leadership, marketing and technical presales roles at Cisco, Riverbed Technology, Astute Networks and Andiamo Systems (later acquired by Cisco).



All the Questions You're Afraid to Ask but Need to Know about Kubernetes

Duffie Cooley
Staff Cloud Native Architect, VMware

Duffie Cooley is a Staff Cloud Native Architect and is helping our customers find success with technologies like Kubernetes. He has come to us as part of the Heptio acquisition and worked at VMware as part of the Nicira acquisition as well. Duffie is very interested in understanding all of the perspectives available for any given problem. You can follow him on Twitter or chat with him on the Kubernetes slack @mauilion.



Day Two Operations – VMware Cloud on AWS 

Jeremiah Megie
Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Jeremiah Megie is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect working for VMware. He is responsible for providing education, evangelism, content generation, and other technical marketing activities for VMware Cloud on AWS. Prior to joining VMware, Jeremiah was a Senior Solutions Architect specializing in the design and implementation of vSphere, Converged & Hyper-converged infrastructure, and disaster recovery with VMware Site Recovery Manager. He has 20 years of experience in the IT field where he has held many data center and virtualization based roles ranging from administration and engineering to architecture and leadership; with a background spanning multiple industries including DoD, financial, energy, professional services, and managed services.


Jeremiah currently holds numerous certifications including multiple VCPs, VCAP-DCA, VCAP-DCD, and VCIX as well as the VMware vExpert designation. He can also be found on Twitter at @vMegie..



Lessons Learned Around HCX 

Amy Lewis
Director Product Marketing, VMware

Amy Lewis is a Community Advocate by choice and the Director of Product Marketing for VMware HCX by trade. Better known as @CommsNinja, Amy is a co-host of The Nerd Herd Podcast, and former co-host of the Geek Whisperers and Speaking in Tech podcasts, creator and sometimes host of the video series TechConfessions, PopUpTechTalks, and Engineers Unplugged. She uses old-school tools (whiteboards and bacon) and new-school platforms (social) to engage technologists from around the globe. When not on the clock, this soccer mom is a left-footed striker.


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